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Online Marketing Lead

All The Best! :)

About the Company:

AH Syndicate is a start-up that plays in Artificial Intelligence, and emerging technologies. We started out in 2016 providing AI Strategy Consulting. In 2018 we branched out into product building for the AI Strategy roadmaps we had delivered on the insistence of our clients. Fast forward to July 2021 AH Syndicate pivoted again into creative innovative projects, gaming, music and art. We also deliver Business Coaching and Technology events for corporate clients and, small and medium business owners.

Type of Opportunity: Paid Casual fixed number of hours

Location: Remote

About the Opportunity:

We are building out our full time team and this opportunity is your step in that direction. You will start out in a casual role and deliver per-agreed outcomes in fixed number of hours (max 30 days). Based on the quality of your deliverables and your work style you will be considered for full time opportunity for the same role in 2023.

As our Online Marketing Lead you will:

  1. Have delivered end-to-end online marketing for in person events

  2. Landing pages

  3. Scripting

  4. Copyrighting

  5. eBook formatting and publishing on Amazon etc

  6. Creation of ad graphics for FB/Insta/Twitter/LI advertising

  7. SEO and online ad analytics

  8. Emailing and Text messaging automation

  9. Marketing Strategy for Products and Events

  10. Funnel creation and types of funnels

When you apply, please be sure to share a link to your portfolio.

Interview Process:

You will be expected to do a walk-through presentation of 20 minutes walking us through the end-to-end Online Marketing for in person events.

We look forward to meeting you! All the best!


ABN: 26 622 692 200

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Melbourne & Sydney, Australia

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