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Employable And Industry Ready Skills in Artificial Intelligence

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"For employable and industry ready skills in #deeplearning , across text and vision use cases - what would be your recommended framework for onboarding this to first time learners? And why? Combination of#Keras + #Tensorflow or #pytorch"

Asked on LinkedIn by,

Co-Founder @ GreyAtom - Chief of Learning & Strategic Partnerships , Founder at DataGiri

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Dear Shweta, Thank you for asking an interesting question. #industryTrends, as you r in the field, u r aware enterprise AI is the way we are heading but is abt 5 years away to becoming main stream. #Matlab #Keras #Tensorflow #Weka will continue to exist in the research space. #Pytorch is FB driven, and FB may see a fall in the next 3 years with it pytorch will tumble.

As for skills for first time learners: #creativity #lateralThinking #curiosity #unLearning2Relearn #AIConcepts #problemSolving and not frameworks, as we will have AI that can write code using frameworks integrated into enterprise AI, is what i'd want to see more of.

Human superpower is #conscience #creativeProblemSoving #ability2ThinkLaterally which AI will need at least 30 more years to assimilate. 

Vice-Chair Mambourin | Lead Researcher & Chief Executive AH Syndicate   

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